Today I finished a book: The Skin of the Sky by Elena Poniatowska. I read it in spanish, but, how I said in my previous post, I want practice my english, so, I want write a kind of “review” about this book.

First, I want write a little about Elena Poniatowska.


She’s a writer and journalist from Paris, France. Actually, she lives in Mexico. She was born in May 19, 1932 but she moved to Mexico in 1942 with her mother and sister because the Second Mundial War, waiting there for her father until he come back from the war.

Elena and her sister learned spanish from their nana Magdalena Castillo. There, in Mexico, born a new brother in 1947, called Jan.

In 1953 started her career in journalism. Her first job was in a news paper called “Excélsior” where every day, for a year, published an interview made to famous people, and for this time, she beginning to interest in social issues and the role of mexican women. Actually, she write for the news paper called “La Jornada” and of course, she become in writer thanks to her job. Her first fiction book published was “Lilus Kikus”, a collection of stories. After that, she started publish some titles along her life. Elena has received too many awards, even with this book, The Skin of the Sky, she received an award in 2001 from Alfaguara’s awards.

When she wrote The Skin of the Sky it was her 27th book. I must to say, it’s very interesting, not the kind of stories that i used to read, but interesting, and even if this is a fiction story, she talk about some truths about Mexico.

At this point, I will start with the book.


As I said before, today I finished this book about Lorenzo’s life, a man that always want to do something for his country and loves astronomy since he was a child.

Lorenzo de Tena was born in a little town when he always returned. This book relate Lorenzo’s life since he was a young boy; how he learn about life and love over the years, how he started a career in law that hated a lot (and later left), and how he started in astronomy’s world. Also, the story tells about his love life, he love every woman that he chose but, for different circumstances, they ended up leaving him. Even, he finally fall in love of the last woman in his life, but she was almost difficult.

Personally, I think this story have some critic about Mexico. Please, don’t misunderstand this, but anyway, Mexico never have been a country that invest in cience. Not always, not like another countries. In the story, Lorenzo was disappointed and got angry because his contry doesn’t want invest in his observatory where he had researches (astronomers, of course), and he always asked how scientists could find better opportunities in other countries like USA, Russia, Poland, France, etc.; He asked why Mexico couldn’t be like this countries, with opportunities for everyone, for every mexican scientific, why always they needed travel to another place to study. He always fought for this cause in his life. (No, he doesn’t die at the end).

I like this book because you can learn some thinks about Lorenzo’s life, not only about his fight with opportunities for researches and scientists, you even can learn about his mistakes into his life and how sometimes, life can be hard, but if you accept the help of people and be persistent, you can achieve what you propose to do. I learn, also, to do what you love, I mean, he left his career in law for astronomy, even when in those times, astronomy wasn’t a common career. He doesn’t have a great life and Lorenzo isn’t a great character, but he achieved too many things and at the end, he made a difference.

And well, that’s everything from me. I am not a reviewer but, I just want to write my opinion and practice my english because is not very good yet.


Anyway, thanks for read!



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