Today I want write another review. A review about Yesterday’s Child by Barbara Wood. I didn’t finished recently, I read it some time ago but I want write about it because is one of my favorite books.

First, I will introduce her.


Barbara Wood is an english novelist born in Lancashire, England in January 30, 1947. Actually, she lives in USA.

Her first novel was published in 1976 called Hounds and Jackals and, in the same year, published Magdalene Scrolls and Curse this House. The editorial that always publish her books is Harvey Klinger who accepted her work when the first one reject her. She has 23 titles under her real name and 3 more as Kathryn Harvey. Yesterday’s Child was published in 1979.

Well, let’s begin with the book.


Yes, I know, looks almost mistread, but is just because is almost old, my mother bought it some time ago (maybe 5 years or more) and she, my sister and me, read it. We keep a lot the books but this has a thin cover so, this kind of books often mistreat more than others.

Well, the review.

This book it’s about a woman called Andrea who travel from USA to Manchester to visit her grandmother because her grandfather was dying. When she arrived to her grandparents’ house, she noticed that the cold was almost strange in the house. She did’t know much about her family but, she will. The house started to show her visions about events that happened right there, in that house, but some time ago, in victorian age; it was a story about a man called Victor Townsend, the love of his life, Jennifer, and his brother and sister, John and Harriet.
Andrea was a part of the story as Jennifer meanwhile she was in those episodes of “dreams”. It was a love story and how Victor was accused wrong about something that he didn’t. Every day, Andrea asked herself if it was just a dream or was real. With the time and reseaches about her family, with her grandmother like her source; concluded that she was elected to witness something. Something that must be explain. And that is how it went.

His grandfather must to know the truth about his parents. His grandmother told him all his childhood horrible things about his father and convinced him that his mother always hated him, but Andrea discovered that all was a lie.

Victor Townsend wanted to be a doctor. His father was an obstacle so, he left home. John took advantage of this situation and got married with Jennifer, the great love of Victor. When Victor come back to the city, her sister became pregnant but she had an abortion by herself blaming her brother Victor and convicting him to the social scandal (he was a recognized doctor when this happened). Meanwhile, John scaped from his gambling debts appering dead afterwards. Harriet and Jennifer were alone in the house after all this and simply, one day, Harriet appeared dead in the closet killed by herself with a letter. In this letter she explained that everything made for jealousy. She confessed everything about her brother Victor and how she made an abortion by herself. Finally, Jennifer and Victor could be happy but Victor chose burn the letter and move on to France to start a new life with her. That night was the last one of Jennifer and Victor because in the morning, he left England to go to France to search a new life for them both. When he was returned, he died at the sea. Jennifer dead some time after of sadness because she thought Victor had left her. She dead some time after her son, the grandfather’s Andrea, had been born. She loved her son a lot because he was the product of the love between the love of her life and her, but she dead of sadness anyway (that is what Andrea explain to her grandfather).  Not everything was wrong because when the story finished, Andrea found herself face to face with Victor, not as Jennifer, this last time she was herself. They talked, Andrea told him everything about what happened when he leaves England and then, Victor found peace beside to Jennifer.

My book (in my native language)

Andrea told everything to her grandfather in the hospital, where he was in vegetative state, but she knew that he listened her, and then, he dead. She learn a lot about her family and love; so, she returned to her home better than she arrived to England.

This is not a great review about this book, but at least, I learned some new english words and this makes me feel better. I hope read another book of Barbara Wood because I loved this one. Some people says that this is not the better book of her so, this means that, surely, I will love another of her books.

Personally, I like this book because you can imagine the Victorian age, the dresses, the society…and the house! Also, I must confess, the story scared me a little. This was at the beginning, when Andrea started to be those visions, and when Jennifer found the corpse of her sister in law. Really. I like, of couse, the story too, It was intrigued me page by page and when I realize, I have finished.

Well, that’s all for me, I hope bettering with reviews and with my english…

Thanks for read!





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