Today I want write something about me, something that I really love. I just want remember some puppies that passed for my life and given to me beautiful moments and memories.

Since I remember, I always wanted a dog but my mom don’t so, that was a problem. One day, she decided try and we adopted a 3 months baby labrador called Otto (I put his name). My sister and I were so happy even if he stayed with us just one month.


He come back with his original family because our house was tiny and he was alone several times for our busy lifes (the neighbors said that he cried a lot). This broke our heart, we don’t want that he was alone and sad and we couldn’t leaves our jobs, so, we decided return him with the family that gave us. At the end, they find a great new family for him and I know he is more happy now with a family that loves him as I am (I’m still do it).  A happy ending for him.


The next puppy that I had was some time after. She was a creole from the street that a friend of mine gave us. His sister found her crying a lot because she was hungry and she was alone in the street. He couldn’t keep the puppy because he has 2 cats and 1 dog, but the cats doesn’t like the new puppy so, he needed found a new home for her. She was a little girl of maybe 2 or 3 months and she arrived to my house with the name “Canela” (in english, Cinnamon).

She leaves too. I don’t remember how long she stayed with us but was enough for she made me happy and crazy at the same time. The same story, we had a bigger house this time, but we weren’t ready yet for a pet. We thought that we was ready this time, but we was wrong. Our lifes has changed by then but not was enough for have a dog. Yes, my friend found a new home for her too, a great one. This time, I promised to myself that I’ll never have a dog until I have my own house and find a stability and a big house for one or two dogs. (:

Well, this one is not mine but he loves me as I love him (I like think that). He is the sister’s dog of my boyfriend, a chihuahua called Romeo.

I met him since my boyfriend’s sister brought to their house. He is so cute! And when I arrive to my boyfriend’s house, he put as happy as he do with his owners. Actually, he has 1 year old, I think.

This dog was from the streets. I never named him, but he bring closer meanwhile we was eating and I decided feed him. And then I took a photo. I loved his eyes.



This dog made that several studients from my university get worry. She was a big saint bernard that was sick and she just sit in middle of the floor. All of us want to help, we didn’t know how. I thought that she was abandoned or lost because a saint bernard is an expensive dog…you just don’t find a saint bernard in streets. Some people found a way to help her bringing her to a vet and I heard that one person was interested and adopted her (because the place where she was send said that if nobody claimed, they were to sacrificed her). Another happy ending. I just have this photo of her when she arrived to my school, injured, but don’t worry! She is happy now with a new owner and cured!


And finally, this is cute and sad at the same time. Simply, one day, my boyfriend send to me a picture of a pug that he found in the street meanwhile he was eating. I laugh for the cute face of him (or her, I don’t know) and he told me that him (or her, again) was a dog from the streets. This kind of dogs are not usually in the streets so, surely scaped or his/her owners abandoned him/her. That was sad but when I asked him what happened with this dog, he told me that he/she just walk away. I hope he/she find a place to stay.


That was all. I hope you enjoy my post; I enjoyed writing it because these are too many memories that make me smile.


Thanks for read!



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