The last sunday HBO passed the second episode of the sixth season of Game of Thrones. We were witness of the most expected scene…JON SNOW IS ALIVE!

Is almost here the third episode of Game of Thrones and I’m still writing about the second one. Is not like I was forced to write about every episode or if life’s people depends of my post about the episodes, is just, I want to do it. As I said before, I just want practice my english and if I write about something that I love and I do frequently, maybe I better on it.

Well, as always, the serie had all of audience on hold with Jon Snow and gave us some other important and unexpected events with the story (at least, for me).

Let’s begin.

The episode started with Bran, he was watching his father when he was young practicing fight with his brother. Then, we realized that Hodor could speak!

We already don’t know what happened to Hodor, but we know that Bran is doing a training, and soon, he will get out to the world who knows for what. Maybe he will return to Winterfell, or maybe not…See Bran again remember me something; what about Rickon? Where the wild was carried the youngest Stark? Maybe they won’t appear in this season…again.


The Lannister

I mean, the Lannister in King’s Landing (because Tyrion was in Meereen); Cersei was forced to stay in her tower by orders of her son. He thought that in this way, she would be safe. However, Cersei was felt sad and angry because she was not allowed to go to her daughter’s funeral, but her son, the king, visited her to say sorry about what happened to her, feeling guilty and searching revenge. Also, Tommen asked help to his mother…do you know what it means? This means war! Cersei’s revenge!


This is the first time that I support Cersei Lannister.

Another important event was the threat by the High Sparrow. He said to Jamie “together, we can destroy and empire” or something like that, but this make me think that he is planning something, we don’t now yet.


Well, next is Tyrion. That was my favorite part (also, Tyrion is one of my favorites characters). That was a problem with dragons since Khaleesi leaves Meereen, the dragons won’t eat anything and Tyrion had the great idea of set them free.

Yes, that was so difficult, Tyrion was so scared but, he did it! Even he doesn’t believe that dragons didn’t hurt him…or eat him. You can see this scene here.


I want to add that dragons are very well done. Seriously, I love the Game of Thrones’ special effects. The people behind of this is doing very well and they have my respect!



Lord Bolton was killed by his own son! Really, that was the most surprising escene in this episode for me! Well, all the episode I was like a cat scared for the water held to my boyfriend’s arm, but, I mean, all we know Ramsay Bolton is a merciless man, but, I’ll never imagine that he will be able to kill his own father…and a baby. When Ramsay called to Lady Walda, I knew his planes were kill his little brother. Yes, before Lord Bolton was killed, a servant of the castle arrived with the news of Lady Walda has gave birth a boy. Then, Lady Bolton was eating by the dogs of the Castle. She and her little son.



Greyjoy and the Iron Islands.

Well, we saw another death in Greyjoy’s domains…Apparently Theon’s father was killed by his brother, a character never seen before. Maybe, Theon’s uncle will rule the Iron Islands, because the congress said to Asha Greyjoy that maybe she will be the first woman to rule or maybe not. Anyway, they didn’t know about the brother’s dead king, but they will.



The Stark

This time, The Stark girls weren’t too much time in the episode. We saw Arya Stark just for see how the girl that were hit her in the past episode, hit her again. But this time, Arya defend herself as she could and, suddenly, appeared Jaqen, asking some question to Arya and then, bringing her to the House of Black and White.


Sansa, on the other hand, was in the middle of the forest with Brienne, Podrick and Theon, where Brienne telling to Sansa about Arya and the last time that she saw her. Then, Theon decided leave them for go to his home…Theon, you will find your home a little changed.


And finally, Jon Snow! We was waiting the scene where the red witch will revive Jon, and finally saw it! Sir Davos convinced Melisandre because she refused to do it, she was depressed and disappointed of everything she believed; and thought that everything was a lie because she fail once with Stannis and this time, with Jon Snow (because she saw her fighting in Winterfell at the flames), so, Sir Davos remember her about the other things that was a succesful and this time, she lost nothing trying it. She accepted.


Melisandre made a ritual in precense of Sir Davos and the lider of the wilds. Oh yes, the wilds arrived with the giants just in time when the killers of Jon Snow would begin killing the Jon Snow’s allies, but then,the allies won, so, The Black Castle was safe for them.

Anyway, Melisandre repeat an incantation but didn’t work. Every hope was killed at this point. Then, when the three leave the room, Ghost (the wolf) woke up and Jon Snow do it too.


That was all. Happy fans and more questions than answers and, if rumors are true, there are 7 more episodes for exciting moments. We will see.

This post wasn’t what I expected, but at least, I tryied.

Thanks for read!



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