La vita è bella was a movie wrote and directed by Robert Benigni (the principal).

A movie from 1997, was a story developed in 40’s age, when the Second War was beginning.


The story begin with Guido Orefice, an italian and jewish man arriving to work in his uncle’s hotel. Here is where he met Dora, a young lady of which fall in love instantly and every day tried to conquer her calling her principessa (in english, princess), and saluting every time that he saw her with a “buongiorno, principessa!” (in english, good morning princess!) but, she was the fiancee of a fascist official.

When the official and Dora was celebrating their engagement party in the hotel where Guido was working, he decided presented with Dora and confess his love for her. Dora wasn’t in love of her fiance, so, she leaves him fleeing the place on a horse with Guido (yes, on a horse…it was of the Guido’s uncle). Six years later, the story present us the happy couple now with a child called Giosuè.




Everything was beautiful, until now. Since the beginning, in the story, we heard about politics and how the rise of fascism grows every day. Even with the war, Guido and his family was happy but then, in Giosué’s birthday, the Nazis arrested them with his uncle included and carried to a concentration camp. Dora wasn’t jewish, but she demanded to the soldiers let rise the train where all jewish people will travel to their hell because she wouldn’t just leave her family.

When they arrived, women, men and kids was separated but Guido hide his son all the time to avoid he was killed telling him that everything was a game and the winner will get a tank. Giosuè believed every word that his father said to him making to Guido easier hide his beloved son.

His wife, on the other hand, couldn’t see to each other, so, one day, he has a chance to play a song (their song) in all the camp and when she listened it, she knew that was his husband. Even, he dressed himself like a woman just to visit her wife just once.



One night, the german soldiers was leaving the place because the war was ending and the allies was arriving. Guido told to his son that he need hide just one more time and be quite until the things was calm down, “we almost win” said.

Guido just wanted search his wife for scape from there, but then, a nazi soldier found him and kill him…yes, that is the part when you cry a lot.

When Giosué left the place where he was hide, a huge tank passed in front of him, making him believed that he was the winner, finally! The american soldier from the tank carried him and found his mother time after.



At the end, we heard a man’s voice saying “This is my story. This is the sacrifice my father made. This was his gift to me.” And yes, I cried again in this part…

The End.

That was a story about a man that just love his family. I wrote this with a lump in throat even if all this is fiction, but, in real life, how many people died like Guido? Even worst…How many people lost their family in concentration camps? How many innocent people suffered in that war?

Thanks for the soldiers that fought and gave their lives for save the world.

Thanks for read!



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