One year ago, I watched a movie called Chernobyl, a fictional story about the real nuclear disaster sadly happened in 1986 in Chernobyl, Ukraine. The movie has suspense and horror and it teaches you the myths about the place. Later, I was inspired in the city and I wrote this on my facebook. Today I found it thanks to the “memories of facebook”, so I decided put it here. This is the version corrected by some friends. By the way, thanks to them!

Let’s begin.


And here I am, completly alone, with no one in a lonely place, great. Why am I here? I don’t know, maybe curiousity? I was bored? Researching? Yes! That is, researching, or at least, that is what I want to hear. What else will I do in a lonely place alone with myself? Oh! C’mmon, I’m not scared, I’m a brave person, very very brave person. What was that?! What kind of sound was that?! A car? Here? Why? Or maybe I just need to shut up, maybe the sound is my voice…
Well, I don’t care, I’m brave, I need to be here just a couple of hours and then I can go. There is a big building…maybe I should come in, or not? Is so quiet here…
Ok, I’m in, and now what? Pictures? This place is boring, but, who said that the research is fun? Is fun later, when you have the results and then, you celebrate! I want to go to the celebration right now…pictures, yes, pictures, I think I’m nervous and this is why i cannot shut up! Just shut up.

What was that?! Hello?! Is anybody here? What am I saying? Of course is anybody here! I am completly a-l-o-n-e…I said it before.
Ok, I must to hurry. It’s late, the sun will be get down soon and the exit is far away. Just a few more pictures and readings and done. Why am I still talking with me?!
Ok, done. I must go, goodbye beautiful, cold and forgotten place, I need go home. Don’t worry, maybe one day, in a few thousand of years you will have people again.

Photo by Photorator

That’s it. Is just a little story about a researcher and how was scared and nervous because he heard myths and paranormal stuff about the place. Personally, I don’t think this things happen, but, anyway, I hope one day visit it…just for curiosity.

Thanks for read!



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