Third episode of season 6 of Game of Thrones.


Ned Stark as young.

I know, Game of Thrones is almost on their fourth episode and I am here, talking about the third. Anyway, I want talk about it: Oathbreaker. (Because I want write reviews of any episode of Game of Thrones 🙂 ) Also, I’ve been busy so, I didn’t write anything, but, at the end, I wanted to do this.

Jon Snow is back, HE IS ALIVE!

Ok, I will start with him, Jon Snow. He returned from the death and some people died. Yes, Jon Snow killed the traitors (I know, every fan wanted see this) and later, he left his coat to his friend telling him “my watch has ended”.



Meanwhile, in Winterfell, Ramsay Bolton received a gift from a man: Osha and Rickon Stark. I fear for them…



On the other hand, Bran Stark is showing us an interesting story about his father and the Targaryen. Maybe we can see where Jon Snow is really from…



Arya Stark…well, we saw her a little just for know that she is not blind anymore. And finally she became in a no one.


Sam and Gilly

We saw them a little too just for know where are they going. Sam told this to Gilly on the boat meanwhile she was excited for see the sea for first time and he…vomited. They go to his hometown: Horn Hill.



On the other side of the map, Lord Varys made questions to a woman called Vala, who says how helped the sons of the Harpy to attack and how the masters from Astapor y Yunkain helped with this too. Then, he met with Tyrion, Missandei and Gray Worm to talk about it. The result: send for the masters of Astapor and Yunkain using the Varys’ little birds.


King’s Landing.
Qyburn discover that the little birds of Lord Varys, was the children of King’s Landing. I must admit this impressed me a lot. I didn’t expected. Qyburn manipulated the children and told Cersei that now, they are of her.


Later, Cersei, Jamie and “the Mountain” enter in a meeting of the counsel demanding talk as a members of them, but they reject them.


Meanwhile, Tommen went looking for his queen, but the High Sparrow started a conversation with him..I felt it like a brain wash…at the end, Tommen is still a young boy and he convinced quickly.


Finally, Daenerys. She arrived to Vaes Dothrak, where was received for the dead Khal’s widows. They told her that she never come back and that is her place because she was a Khaleesi, as other women in there.


vaes dothrak overview season six game of thrones

Well, that’s it. I hope you enjoy it reading and watching the images from the episode. All the episodes have been so excited until now, at least, they haven’t disapointened me yet. I hope enjoy the fourth episode too! (We will 🙂 )


Thanks for read!



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