A good title for the fourth episode of Game of Thrones.

Obligatory spoiler warning: if you haven’t watched this episode, best not keep reading.

We watched the fifth episode (very sad and exciting, I must to say) the last sunday, but, I want write a short review about the fourth episode, and then, talk about the last one. I’ve been busy with the end of semester in my university but, I want write here for me, to fulfill a commitment with myself.


Let’s begin.


Jon Snow and Sansa Stark

The episode begin with Sansa Stark arriving to the Black Castle with Brienne and Podrick; then, brother and sister hug each other leaving a cute scene.


Later, meanwhile they ate a breakfast into the Black Castle, Jon Snow received a letter from Bolton threatening him with Rickon. Sansa, with Sir Davos’ help, convinced Jon to fight to save Rickon and of course, Winterfell.

The North will have a war but, I don’t know which war begin first; the war vs the white walkers or just between men.


Tyrion and Meereen

As always, Tyrion managed to get what he searched. He managed to convince the masters of Astapor and Yukain with a deal who didn’t like to Missandei and Gray Worm. Anyway, I know Tyrion knows what he does and he is good with words and now, loyal to Daenerys…I think…I hope so.



Lord Baelish and Eyrie

Robin Arryn, Lord of Eyrie and Starks’ cousin; is still young so, Lord Baelish become in his “Lord Protector”. Baelish convinced Robin to help Sansa with his army to defeat Bolton lying about Sansa, saying to Robin that she was kidnapped from him and listened that she arrived to the Black Castle safe, but, not enough safe, because Bolton would be looking for her.

I hope Robin really help Sansa and Jon Snow defeating Bolton…


Margaery Tyrell and High Sparrow

I don’t now why, but, Margaery was called for the High Sparrow to talk with him and later of a confesion from the High Sparrow, he let Margaery visit her brother once, just to convince him to “confess his sins”, but of course, she didn’t, she just gaves words of encouragement to her brother for not surrender yet.


Margaery Tyrell and his brother, Loras Tyrell


Cersei Lannister and Olenna Redwyne

Finally, Cersei and Jaime made a deal with two members of the council to recover Margaery and Loras and destroy to the High Sparrow…FINALLY!

Olenna Redwyne and evan Lannister, members of the council.


Yara Greyjoy and Theon Greyjoy

Theon finally arrived to the Castle Pyke just to say sorry and support his sister, because he doesn’t want to be a king…as he said, Yara deserve be the queen.



Osha and Bolton in WInterfell

As we watched in the past episode, Ramsay has in Winterfell to Osha and Rickon just to manipulate Jon Snow. But, in a scene, Bolton called to Osha just to kill her…she tried to kill him but, failed.



And finally, the perfect end for a chapter: Daenerys being a queen…


Daenerys in Dothrak

Sir Jorah and Daario arrived to Dothrak and found the Khalessi but, she has an idea to get out of there without being hurt or kill.


Daenerys was called by the Khal to judge her, but she decide to tell them her plans and compare them with Khal Drogo (one of my dead favorites characters) telling that he was a brave man meanwhile all of them are cowards hidden in Dothrak. She said she will command all the dothrakis to conquer the world. Of course, they laughed of her and threatened to rape her one by one saying that they will not serve her so, she burn them inside of a house where all of them was, but as we know, Daenerys doesn’t burn.

daenerys targaryen fire vaes dothrak game of thrones

All the dothrakis, guide by the fire, arrived to the house where there were the khal, other khal’s men and Daenerys. She was the only to leave without any hurt (and without clothes), and then, the people, even Daario and Sir Jorah, amazed, kneel before her.


A great final for a episode, I must to admit. Daenerys is one of my favorites for be the ruler of Westeros; even if she is delay a lot to arrive to the Iron Throne, I still have hope.

Thank you very much for read! I hope you like it and please, if you can, correct me in any mistake I did.


Thanks for read, again!



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