I want show my beautiful city, Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico.

I must to say, is not the best city, it doesn’t has the best people in the world (there are several impolite people), BUT, this is one of the three most important cities in Mexico; it has delicious meals and good, nice and friendly people (I mean, the other part of the population), it have many tourist places too and important buildings, etc. There are too many reasons for love my city and recomend for visit it at least once.

I want show you some places from my city and some that I like a lot. I hope you enjoy it.

(Some photos was taken for me with my phone, so, they don’t have a great resolution or quality).

First place: Expiatorio


Called Templo Expiatorio del Santísimo Sacramento is a catolic temple built in 1972. The construction started in 1897 leaded by the Arq. Ignacio Díaz Morales and made by the Arq. Adamo Boari with a neogothic style (but some new researches says that the Arq. Salvador Collado is the true creator).

There are some another photos.


Photo from This blogspot


UDG Paraninfo

Is a build behind of Expiatorio. Is called Paraninfo and is an art museum of the University of Guadalajara. This build was founded on September, 20th  1914 by the governor Manuel M. Dieguez.

José Clemente Orozco (a famous mexican painter) painted the dome.


Universidad de Guadalajara, JC
Photo from internet.
Photo from internet.
Photo from internet. Painting made by José Clemente Orozco.


La Minerva

Is the most iconic place of Guadalajara and the bigest roundabout in the city. It have a statue of the goddess Minerva (greek mythology) and a fountain under her. It have a sentece in the wall saying:


In english: “Justice, wisdom and strength guard this loyal city”


Photo from internet.

Under the statue, on the pedestal, are written names of 18 people who contributed to this city according to Agustín Yañez (governor since 1953 to 1959). The statue was made by the sculptor Joaquín Arias and the project was leaded by the Arq. Julio de la Peña.

I would love to show you more places but I would like take photos by my own even with my phone and don’t use pictures from internet. I hope have soon some photos from beatiful buildings, parks and another beautiful streets from there.


Finally, this is a video that I film on the Matute Remus bridge (I will talk about it later) and some photos that I took when I walk around.



The purpose original of this video was to show the jacarandas, those purple flowers. But well, you can see in this video the Matute Remus bridge and, in the distance, the Milenium Arches. (I will talk about this in another post with my photos =D)

I hope you enjoy it and if you see a grammatical mistake, please, let me know.


Thanks for read and the support!



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