Tequila, Jalisco, México.
I was there just a couple of hours but I walk along the city center and toke some photos. I hope return one day but this time in a train path called Tequila Express, I think this will be fun and interesting.

Yes, there is the place where the famous Tequila comes out. When you say “Tequila” you think in the representative mexican drink, don’t you? Mexico is the unique place where Tequila is made, there are some villages that make it into Jalisco, but, originally, it is from Tequila (a Jalisco’s village too). Tequila was the first place where this drink comes out and then, become in something representative of Mexico.

There are some photos.


In english Hi, I don’t have home, respect my food and water and if you cannot help me please, don’t harm me, thank you. / Hungry paws



Parish Church Santiago Apóstol






That’s all the photos that I took, I hope one day return and took more and of course, photos of the Agave’s fields.

Thanks for read!



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