A great game full of good moments and almost creepy…

Obligatory spoiler warning: I don’t want tell all the story, but maybe some of this post could ruin you the game if you want play it, so please, don’t read yet.



The story begins with a little human falling down into a “monster world” and was welcome by Flowey the flower.


Depends on you what happen next. Anyway, the flower become in a creppy flower and you are saved by Toriel, a nice goat-woman that welcomes to you in her home.


And then, your story begins.

This is a great game for me, I mean, this game has a great and touching story with some teachings…and also creepy, but not all the time, I think is more funny (with jokes including) than creepy.

This is a game based in 64 bits games, you can see that just checking the characters but also in the battles where you don’t move, even, your character is not in the screen, just a rectangle with words of what you can do and what are you doing and of course, the words of the characters appears in that way too. (Sometimes, the dialogue appears in a globe).


Along of the game, you passed some puzzles that I must admit, requires skills and think, also there are many levels and scenarios with final boss like any game with the difference that you choose if you want to fight or talk with them…is almost strange to hear because if we are talking about a game with monsters and boss included that search ending you, the logic says that you will defend you fighting, but T0riel tell you at the begining that you can be nice with the monsters and talk with them, maybe you can understand them and understand their perspective…all depends of your choice. That’s is the essence of the game.

I think you will arrive to the same end no matter what, but, the way you arrive to it is different; at the end, I think it, because I played and watched a gameplay in youtube and not all was the same with my own. Anyway, I think this game worth it in too many ways; the art, the gameplay, the story, the characters, the message, the music…oh yes, the music is great! Maintain the 64 bits style’s games and even some of them are in my playlist because they are good. I’ll leave some examples there.

And well, this game is full of sad moments, beautiful moments and funny moments too. Some people doesn’t like it because its gameplay, but, all them said that the story is what worth it at the end. I like both because I grow up playing games of 64 bits and the art of the game doesn’t botter me. I loved this game a lot and even if it is not my favorite, at the end I enjoyed it.

This is you, the human…isn’t adorable?

I hope play more games now because I love it but I don’t have the time to do it…anyway, this game was great for me!

Thanks for read!



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