Obligatory spoiler warning: if you haven’t watched this episode, best not keep reading.

The first think I was when the episode finished, was that all the episode was a “fan service” because I am pretty sure that all the fans (at least, majority) are satisfied with it. I dare to say that maybe is the best episode EVER (until now, in my opinion).

I hadn’t wrote anything about the chapters of Game of Thrones as I did before because I was busy with the final exams in my university but now I finished! And this episode worth it and deserve it…also, I love write reviews about GoT for practice my english c:

First, let’s talk about Daenerys.

She finally arrived to Meereen but not alone, she arrived with Drogon and the Dothrakis who decided follow her until the end, as we saw some episodes before. When she arrived to the pyramid in Meereen, she found a chaos, because they was attacked by the maestres of harpies’ sons but, that wasn’t a problem, because she has 3 dragons that obey her now…she just said a word, and the fleet disappeard in the ocean.


Meanwhile the dragons finished with the fleet, the dothrakis attacked the harpies’ sons who killed the people in land, and then, Daenerys won.


After the brief fight, Daenerys received the brother and sister Greyjoy with whom formed alliance: Daenerys won ships and Yara will won the throne of the Iron Islands. Some people says (even Emilia Clarke) that there was a little of flirtation, maybe! But for the moment, they were pleased each other and they reached to a deal.



On the other side of the map, there was Jon Snow vs Ramsay Bolton for Winterfell and for Rickon Stark. Sansa advice Jon about Ramsay, but sadly, he saw by his own eyes what is Bolton able to do…and the battle begins with a provocation for Jon Snow and satisfaction for Ramsay.


I must to admit that I thought that Jon Snow almost dead twice, but he is enough good in battle so, he survived.

At begining of the battle, everybody was tense already. Ramsay seemed to have the advantage because his army was bigger and more prepared than Jon’s army; (of course), I mean, the majority was wilds whom doesn’t know about military strategies but anyway, there was not enough reason to give up. With Jon Snow alone in front of the lines (Bolton’s provocation fault) all fought bravery but even Jon’s army fell into a trap and almost died…but then, Sansa arrived with Little Finger and the army from Eyrie. I must to admit, if they hadn’t come, maybe Jon Snow and the wilds would have died.






When Ramsay Bolton knew that he had lost, he escape to Winterfell but was pursued by Jon, Tormund and the giant. Then, when they arrived, the giant suffered multifold wounds and was killed by Ramsay what made enrage Jon…that was too much. Ramsay attacked Jon with arrows that Jon avoid very well meanwhile walk toward him.

The next, was an angry Jon Snow

I think Jon stoped when he saw Sansa because maybe, he thought she want finish him. Well, at the end, she did it. She didn’t do it by her own hand, but watched how he was ate by his own dogs charging revenge, I guess…at least, he pay for all what he did.

And that’s all. That was an epic episode (at least, until now) and one of my favorites. I know several fans of GoT and all of them told me that this one simply was awesome, epic and full of glory. What do you thing about this episode?

Well, as a fact; that was the hardest episode to record (again, until now) because it was a big battle, something that they hadn’t made it yet. Good job! Worth it! (:

Anyway, sorry if you see some grammar mistakes but, I already learning english.

Thanks for read!




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