Some time ago, I read an article about a research of all the people with blue eyes comes from a single common ancestor.

The first person with blue eyes born near from the Black Sea 10 thousand years ago (that’s why is more common see people with blue eyes in europe), and was a result from a genetic mutation because all the people used to have brown eyes.

The professor Hans Eiberg from Copenhague University found a mutation of a gene called OCA2 that turn off the “P” protein which is responsible to offer brown melanin to the eyes, but, this genetic mutation don’t “turn off” totally the gen, just diluted the colour of the melanine leaving the blue colour in the eyes.


In the research, 155 people from different nationalities (for example, from Denmark and Turkey) were analyzed and they found that everyone was connected with the first blue eyes person.

If this is true, then, there are some actors and famous people that maybe are distant relatives, don’t you? (And who knows who more).

ale ivanova
Alëna Ivanova, russian youtuber with a spanish channel.
James McAvoy
James McAvoy, scottish actor.
Nicholas Hoult
Nicholas Hoult, english actor.
Felix Kjellberg (better known as Pewdiepie) swedish and the most famous youtuber.
Travis Fimmel-BHE-001158
Travis Fimmel, Australian actor.

What do you think? Is crazy think that the 3% of the population (around of 220 millions) are decendents from the same person, but is razonable because there are not too many people with blue eyes, I mean, we are talking about that there are around 7, 349 millions of people in the world and just around of 220 millions with blue eyes. At least, to me, they convince me.


This is something that intrigue me because there was a time that I wanted to be ophthalmologist, but I don’t have enough condition and courage to be a doctor first (I respect for that all the doctors), so, I like just learn and read about it.

And well, that’s all, my source are from this pages in spanish: and

Thanks for read!



2 thoughts on “Blue Eyes

  1. Hola! Todo el post me voló la cabeza. La verdad que jamás se me ocurrio ver de donde venian los genes de ojos azules! Esto definitivamente es un buen Ice-breaker en una conversación ajaja
    gracias por compartir! xx


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