Final episode of season 6 of Game of Thrones.

Obligatory spoiler warning: if you haven’t watched this episode, best not keep reading.

First of all, I want to say that the background music at the begining of the episode was amazing and gorgeous; you can hear there.

I love how cellos sound there, it’s something peculiar in Game of Thrones’ sountrack.

If we thought that the nineth episode of Game of Thrones was epic, this finale and longest episode doesn’t stay behind; I mean, this chapters was epic too and full of things that I’ll never expect, like Tommen’s death; I knew that he was going to die, but not in that way.

Well, let’s start step by step.


House Stark


With a battle won, Sansa and Jon celebrate their victory with the other houses of the north and Lyanna Mormont convinced the rest of the houses to recognize Jon Snow as the King in the North even if he is a bastard. This looks doesn’t botter Sansa but apparently, this bothers Baelish.

GOT Season 6 Finale 11

Also, the red witch leave Winterfell by Jon’s command because Sir Davos forced her to say what she did to the inocent princess Shireen. Sir Davos want her dead but Jon Snow forgive her (maybe because she come him back to life), so, he just punish her forcing her to leave the place. I think that was the right.

On the other hand, we knew that Arya arrived finally to Westeros because she has her revenge with one more name into her list: Walder Frey. Using her skills learned with the no ones, Arya presented herself disguised as another woman to Walder Frey and after tell him his sons are into the cake that he was almost eat, she cut his throat dying bleeding out…like Lady Stark.



House Lannister


I mean about Lannisters in King’s Landing; I mean, Cersei and Tommen. She has a plan to kill the High Sparrow and Margaery, and everything gone well for her, except for one thing that she wasn´t expected: Tommen committed suicide falling down from the window. Maybe he cannot be able to deal with his wife’s death or maybe, he felt unable to protect his kingdom after that…I don’t know. At the end, Cersei has her revenge but it coast his son death and she’ll never imagine this posibility. Anyway, because her son’s death, she become in the queen of the seven kingdoms…and Jaime arrived just in time to see it.




House Tarly


Well, not the house, but Samuel Tarly and his girlfriend, Gilly. They arrived to Citadel for become into a maestre. Gilly and her son weren’t welcome into the place but Samuel was invited to see the library meanwhile the greatest maestres come to talk with him. That was all about him in this episode and of course, in this season.



House Targaryen


Daenerys leave Meereen because finally they come peace to the place. Daenerys took a decision and meanwhile she leaves behind to Daario, Tyrion Lannister became into the Hand of the Queen. With the Greyjoy’s fleet, they leave Meereen preparing themselves for the battle against Cersei.


Daenerys, her army formed by the dothrakis and unsullieds, the Greyjoys and of course the dragons, all them are not alone because Varys convince Ellaria Sand (who get the throne before kill Oberyn’s brother, the king of Dorne) to have revenge joining to Daenerys and at the same time, she convince to Olenna Tyrell to have revenge too because Cersei kill all her house: her son, her grandson and her granddaughter (all them died into the explosion with the High Sparrow in King’s Landing induced by Cersei). So, there are 3 houses supporting the Daenerys’ cause. I must to admit, the next season will be an exciting one!



Oh yes! Something more! The final scene remember me the previous season. Meanwhile in the past season the last thing we watched was a dying Jon Snow; this time, we saw the face of Jon Snow but alive and reveling something important: the sequel that Bran Stark was narrating to us through his visions. Ned Stark finally found his sister, Lyanna Stark, who was dying bleed out and made him to promise that he will keep safe her baby…and linking stories, Jon Snow isn’t the Ned bastard, he is the son of Lyanna and a Targaryen…maybe (this is a theory and my thought) Rhaegar Targaryen (the oldest brother of Daenerys) OH.MY.GOD!



What do you thing? I like think that Jon is a Targaryen and he deserve the Iron Throne, at the end, he never expect to be Lord Comander or the King in the North, and he has both.

Anyway, if Daenerys or Jon Snow be the ruler of Westeros is good for me, but the decision is of the producers with the permission of George R. Martin, of course.


Thanks for read!



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