By Marzia Bisognin

I finished to read this book by Marzia Bisognin some time ago and, I must to admit, it was great! Is a mysterious story about Amethyst, a lost girl trapped in a house.

This book has something of horror, mistery and suspense, but also lovely and quiet moments; it has a little of all and and the same time, a lot of all. I like how the story can make you feel fear, intrigue, happiness and even sadness.

Let’s begin with the writer: Marzia Bisognin.


Born in Vicenza, Italy in October 21, 1992; Marzia is a fashion designer and a vlogger with a youtube channel called CutiePieMarzia focuse on lifestyle, beauty, makeup, fashion, DIY and haul videos. Actually, she lives in Brighton, England.

Dream House is her first book and I hope not the last. She debut her young adult paranormal thriller the April 5, 2016 and maybe one day, she comes out her second book.


The book


The story begins with Amethyst, the main character, a young girl who was walked into the streets, lonely, at the night with a storm approaching. Then, she has help from a elderly and nice couple who gave her shelter meanwhile the storm passed. They got her food and a bed where to sleep that night. The next day, when she woke up, she realize that they are not there anymore. “Where are they? Where did they go?”, she asked herself.

They wouldn’t just leave me, Would they?

She couldn’t leave the house without thanks to them, so, she stay until they come back, but the days passed and they didn’t appear. Where are them?

Amethyst started to explore the house and the surroundigs meeting new people nearby to the Blooms (the couple that help her) and living some weird things inside of the house.

Maybe I’m just losing my mind.

Curious, she wanted to solve the mistery of the house and know the Blooms’ whereabouts.

Along the story, she meet Avery, a guy who help her more than she imagine. Also, she meet to Alfred, the gardener who hides something…something important, as Amethyst thinks. She also has dreams about a little girl who try to tell something to her, something about the past of the house or maybe the past of somebody else, she just trying to discover between fear and determinated decisions.


This story has a lot to offer. It catch you and makes you feel the same that Amethyst feels meanwhile she narrates to you her days in that strange house full of misteries, questions and secret memories; she makes you wish find out the end to have answers. I must to say, I really loved this story, the way that Marzia can catch you into it and the way she can explaine the places and the diferents situation along the thriller. You will be envolved and I can assure you, the end will satisfied you.

f you read it, I hope you enjoy the book as much as I did.


Thanks for read!



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