Some weeks ago, I visited the capital of Mexico: Mexico City.

I loved this place! Of course, I love more my city (you can see some of it here)  but this big city has a lot to offer and I wanted to see it! I couldn’t see everything because I was there only 3 days but, I want show some of what I see in those days.



First, we arrived to the airport (of course), and later, we decided go first to Chapultepec forest and yes, with suitcases. Fortunately for us, there was a keeps package.

This forest has a lot to offer but its principal attraction is the famous Castle of Chapultepec, the unique castle in Mexico. Is AWESOME! You can easily fall in love of it…I did!









Here lived two important rulers from Mexico: Maximiliano de Hasburgo and his wife Carlota; and after them, Porfirio Díaz. This place is witness of many storic events of Mexico and the people on charge of the castle tell you with a tour guide.

After the castle, we went to eat something and leave our suitcases to the hotel and later, we went to my other favorite place that I met: Inbursa Aquarium!







The camera of my phone is not the best, but I tried to take photos for me and the memories =).

Across the street, there are a museum called Soumaya so, we decided visited before they closed the place.

This big museum has 6 rooms full of contemporary art and the best part (for me) was the sculptures. And is big…TOO BIG!








Even if we was so tired, we got out and saw another museum in front of us called Jumex Museum that is property of the mexican company Jumex, of couse! But they don’t have his own “art” there, they have the museum for temporary exhibitions. We saw something about the artist Peter Fischli and David Weiss. They have some…particular art.

This are outside of the museum, it was covered because the rain.

exposición temporal




This has a particular room where they don’t let us take pictures because there was little sculptures made of clay, but hey! Was funny and interesting to watch!

After that, we gone to two malls searching something to eat but we finished in a street stall eating a torta.



We had the fortune to choose travel to this city when it was a temporal exposition called Replica de la Capilla Sixtina, translating into the english: Copy of the Sistine Chapel, a brief view to Miguel Angel’s paintings, his art into the Sistine Chapel in The Vatican. Of course is just a copy but it was amazing! And sadly, they don’t let us take pictures but it was a nice experience! Is amazing just imagine how Miguel Angel painted that Chapel.

A picture taken from internet, they made an exact copy of this.


Outside of the exposition, it was the Revolution Monument a big construction made near to the downtown. It’s amazing and big!


It has a elevator in the center and a museum below, we want to see the view up so, we just go up there. You can see part of the city from there.


Again, sorry the quality of my camera! I want to buy a better one…

We don’t enter to the museum because we had planes to go to Chapultepec again and to the National Museum of Antropology and the time was still running, so, maybe the next time I can meet the Revolution’s museum; also, we had the lucky to had a guide travel around the center in a bus, courtesy of the CDMX tourism. There are some photos that I took in the journey.




I’m going to finish this post here because I think is almost long (the pictures has fault) but I want to do another one with the rest of my short but great journey into Mexico City.


Thanks for read!



3 thoughts on “Mexico City

  1. Don’t worry about the quality of the pictures, they’re still great. Mexico City looks beautiful and I have the strong urge to play chess on the one checkerboard floor. I also want to wear the balloon hat statue. I look forward to the next Mexico City post!! 🙂


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