Some moths ago, I wrote about my travel to Mexico City and I feel the need to finish the written.

Day 2

When we leave the bus tour, we went to Chapultepec again but this time for get on a boat! It was something new for me and it was almost tired, but fun!





After that, we went to eat something and later, we cross the street for see Anthropology National Museum, the most important history museum in Mexico. It keeps important stuff about the country and its culture. Simply, I LOVE it!

You can pass hours and hours here without get bored, of couse, if you are interested on these topics. There are too much history about mayas, olmecas, toltecas, aztecaseverything! It has divided in areas where you can go through seeing every step about the history since the first men in the world until the mexican civilizations that existed before the spanish conquerors arrived.





Azteca’s calendar
Olmecas’ head
Maya’s sculpture

This is a little (very little) part of the museum because is really, really big. I think, we need come back and see it better.

After that, we was tired and we just went to eat and sleep.

Final day

Our trip finished in the third day in CDMX and we did’t want to waste it. First, we went to a little museum called MUCHO, a chocolate museum. Was little but interesting and nice. In the entrance, they give us cacao seed to taste it, it was REALLY bitter, but good.

They have a little room totally covered by chocolate, it was amazing! And smells soooo good. I think, that was my favorite part! Sadly, I just took a video about this room but I ruined it and took the video vertically…sorry!




Leaving the chocolate museum, we went to Bellas Artes to meet the bulding, it’s a theater but at 1 pm there are no functions but, luckily, there was little art exhibitions, murals and arquitecture to see.








(Again, sorry for the bad photos, my camera in my phone is not very good, sadly)

This place was built by the command of Porfirio Díaz, a famous and important president of the country that ruled around 30 years. He wanted this place was built for celebrate the Centenary of the Independence in Mexico. It was the first museum dedicated to art in Mexico and it was declared artistic monument by the UNESCO in 1987.

The murals in the walls of the palace was made by important mexican artists as Diego Rivera, David Alfaro Siqueiros and José Clemente Orozco among others. Really worth it to see in person.

This is an iconic place in Mexico, you cannot lost it if you visit the city.

After that, we went to meet the Goverment Palace and its surroundigs, later, we took a coffee before go to the airport. It was fun, and I want come back, there are already too many places that I need see.




Zócalo, the terrace in front of Goverment Palace
Goverment Palace
A building near of Zócalo, I just like it.

That’s all, I hope you enjoy to read my post and if you have any correction with my english, please, let me know!

Thanks for read!



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