A month ago, I visited this city and I want to write about it  🙂

My boyfriend and I went to Queretaro just two days because he must go to work and I want to meet it, so, we decide travel in sunday for make the most of the day and come back the monday, when he finish his job and I take a last look of this place.

It was a short trip but we had a lot of fun and we use our time to do it.

We begin our trip at 7 am o’clock, then, we go over the highway to Queretaro. I’ve heard that the best part of the trip is the journey, didn’t you? Well, this time the journey was fun, even if we got lost.

First, we take a wrong way so, we meet a little town called San Francisco de Rivas. We don’t stop there, we just ask people how come back to the highway. Later, we arrived to another town called La Barca where we neither stop, but at this part of the journey we laughted a lot, specially because we try with gps (sometimes the signal was lost) and even with that, we are taking bad laps into the town (sometimes the gps send us against traffic and we scream a little bit) so, we tried asking to people again. At the end, we encounter with a flock! We need go back and stay for a while meanwhile they passed.


We follow them because we asked to the cowboys how get out from the town and return to the road so, they answer that they was going in the same way, so, we just follow the cows. It was almost funny.

Finally, at 1 pm, we arrived to Queretaro after go through 4 states (just a piece of them).

First, we leave our suitcases and then, we leave to start our tourism trip.



We bought tickets for a bus tour around the city but it will leave around two hours after, so, we decide go to eat something. We found a strange but beautiful place where there are art for sale and it is a restaurant at the same time (it was a recomendation from the girl that sold us the tickets).

The waiter told us that there was art teachers that gave classes in that place and the pictures that they made, was in sale. It was amazing! And of course, the meal was delicious!

The first plate of the meal was tortilla soup or also called azteca soup, it was delicious!
Oh yes! Queretaro has blue corn. In my city is weird, we don’t have this!

Art gallery






Aaaaaaand, after the meal we started our tour around the city!



Monument made in memory of Josefa Ortiz de Domínguez, the mayor of Queretaro and insurgent in the mexican war of Independence in 1810.



This fountain was made in memory of the man that advice Miguel Hidalgo about the discovery of the plans. This advice started the war of Independence soon as was planed.



This little chaper was made in memory of Maximiliano de Habsburgo, Tomas Mejia and Miguel Miramon, building in the same place where they was execute.



There are a monastery with a legend. In 1967, a monk forgot his stick bury in the ground and when he come back for it (years after) he found a bush with cruciform thorns. Since then, the monastery keep it as something sacred, but you can find souvenirs with this thorns into little bottles or with a Jesus Christ over it. Maybe they use the sprouts of the bush. Is an interesting history, specially for religious people.

This aqueduct has a story too, a love one. Is a long story so, you can read it here.


After the bus tour, we went to walk around the downtown while we wait the night for a night tour with stories and some horror and humor with it.






They relate to us (a group of people) the most famous legends, ghost stories and part of the mexican war of Independence, they are pretty good with it! At the end, they guide us to an hotel in the downtown where they relate some legends and give us a little fright, just for fun! I like a lot this tour around the downtown, it was very interesting and fun!

With this, our day ended.

Last day:

I take a walk around the city again. I wanted meet the Alameda park. In Mexico City they has a park called in that way too, but of course, queretaro’s one is smaller.







I wait until my boyfriend done his job and then, we drive to Peña de Bernal, a little town near of Santiago de Queretaro where is the third biggest monolith in the world.






You can climb on the monolith but we didn’t because my boyfriend was tired and we need come back to our city. Maybe one day we return just for that…

We eat something and later, we take our way to homeward. It was fun, interesting and beautiful.

I want come back! There are museum that I want see and I couldn’t visit this time because our day go with tours and the museums don’t open on mondays (our last day in Queretaro). Also, I want visit the monastery (they let enter people) because when we went, they had already closed. And of course! To climb the monolith! (Well, not climb at all, there’s a road on it).

Oh yes! And these are my souvenirs! This kind of dolls are otomíes and are made just in Querétaro. Even, there are a museum about this.


I’m not very good with my english yet, so, if you can correct me for better my english, I’d really appreciate it.

Thanks for read!



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