There’s a list that I hope, one day, achieve.

One of my dreams and part of my bucket list is travel around the world and visit the places that I want meet. This is a list to keep it here and someday achieve.

Until now, I have this in mind but maybe with the time, I adding more and I hope, marking as done too.

  1. Prague, Czech Republic.
  2. Milan, Italy.
  3. Vicenza, Veneto, Italy.
  4. Florence, Italy.
  5. Napoli, Italy.
  6. Tokio, Japan.
  7. Nara, Japan.
  8. Santorini, Greece.
  9. Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina.
  10. Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina.
  11. Urubamba, Cuzco, Peru.
  12. Province of Nazca, Ica, Peru.
  13. Mexico City, Mexico. DONE.
  14. Mérida, Yucatán, Mexico.
  15. Tinum, Yucatán, Mexico.
  16. Cozumel, Quitana Roo, Mexico.
  17. Tulum, Quintana Roo, Mexico.
  18. Playa del Carmen, Quitana Roo, Mexico.
  19. Cancún, Quitana Roo, Mexico.
  20. Moscow, Rusia.
  21. Saint Petersburg, Russia.
  22. Cheboksary, Russia.
  23. Ufa, Russia.
  24. Kiev, Ukraine.
  25. Klevan, Ukraine.
  26. Chernobyl, Ukraine.
  27. Paris, France.
  28. Bordeaux, France.
  29. Edimburgh, Scotland.
  30. Perth, Scotland.
  31. Burgos, Spain.
  32. Madrid, Spain.
  33. Brussels, Belgium.
  34. Bruges, Belgium.
  35. Niagara Falls, Ontorio, Canada.
  36. Alberta, Canada.
  37. Bayern, Germany.
  38. Crakovia, Poland.
  39. Renaissance Island, Aruba.



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