International Book Fair (into the spanish Feria Internacional del Libro, FIL) is celebrated every year in my city with a invited country every time.

It’s just the beginning of the year and I’m writing about this fair celebrated two month ago, into the last year. I was almost busy, but now I give myself a moment to finally write.

In 2016, the FIL reach 30 years so, this time, the staff decided make the special of Latin America. The past was United Kingdom.


A little of history

Founded in 1986 by the University of Guadalajara, with 34, 000 of exhibition area, more than 1900 editorials from all the globe and having an average of 700, 000 people every year, this fair become in one of the most importants books’ fair around the world.
Since 1993, the fair has a country or region as honor invited, the first one was Colombia. You can see the timeline here (the website is in spanish).

This fair has a lot of activities along the week that is celebrated like awards, tributes, contests, books’ presentations, concerts, a kids zone (with books and games), stands of editorials from around the world, and some other stuff more.

Every year diferent writers are invited to do different activities (books’ presentation, books signing, conferences, etc.), and this year wasn’t the exception. John Katzenbach, Fito Paez (a singer), Laura Esquivel and my favorite, George R.R. Martin, and some others more, was invited this year. I did everything to see face-to-face to George R.R. Martin and…I.DID.IT.

I want write my experience this year.

Day 1


The first day my boyfriend and I went just to make a favor to a friend of him. His friend is fan of Fito Paez so, he wanted his book signed by his author, but he need leave the city on these days; so, my boyfriend and I tried to helped him. I wrote “try” because when we was formed to wait until Fito Paez arrives, we ralize that we don’t have enough money for the book and his friend don’t leave us any. We really try to do something but we couldn’t and his friend couldn’t do any transaction to us. So sad, but at least we took a video for him.

With this sad news, we decide to leave the line and walk along the fair.

I took this photo because I liked the sentence: Travel is live in the heart
Diversity that composes a poem



This has the translation into each language. Even, they include the word in english.



Not all was lose. I buy this book. I loved it because this works to practice my english a little more!


Oh yes! Also, we found a stand with the Iron Throne of Game of Thrones. Of course, I got my photo with it.


Day 2

My boyfriend and I originally had bought tickets to go that day. I wanted go to the talk with George R.R. Martin but the tickets was sold out when we tried to buy them and I didn’t lucky to win them in the editorial’s trivia. Another bad news. It was sad too, and the only way to see him was that.


Or at least, it was I thought at that moment.

Later, we enter to the fair searching any other book but our lucky change from one moment to other. We found a poster in Penguin Random House (the editorial that invited George R.R. Martin and sell his books) saying that he will has a book signing the next day. We cross our fingers and formed into the line to buy the book that will have me the ticket to see him. I DID IT!


We spend two hours in the line waiting to buy the book and that was all on that day because we arrived to the fair almost late, at the night.

Day 3

We don’t enter to the fair, we just go to the book signing early in the morning. We was there around of 4 hours until I can have the sign and can take a picture with him. I must to say IT WORTH IT. Everything. Every minute.





I know, I ruined the photo with my face, but I was really nervous.

The fair lasts a week but I just went 3 of the days. It was fun and full of surprises and emotions, specially this year.

I hope you enjoyed my written and if you can correct me about my english, I would appreciate it a lot.


Thanks for read!



2 thoughts on “FIL 2016

  1. Thanks for posting this. I have been viewing your blog for quite a while and it always brings me back!
    I’m a long time reader, but I have never been compelled to
    leave a comment until I started my own gaming blog.

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