Things that you can apply if you want learn a new language.

One of my favorite things is learn languages, although actually I just speak english and know some of russian and german but I hope one day speak 5 languages (besides mine) fluidly! That is my final goal and what I’ll dedicate when I finish my career.

Well, first of all, you need compromise with yourself to learn. It requieres  practice day after day, if you want progress. At least, dedicate 5 minutes at day.

I hope this tips can help you to learn:

  1. Make cards. It’s easier for the brain to remember a word when is related to an image. It’s something similar to the kindergarden, when the teacher taught you the alphabet with the letters and something drawn into it.
  2. 001-alphabet-wallet-cards-off-the-ringchildren_blog-2
  3. Learn at least one word per day. This is something that an english teacher of mine recommend to us, the students. Sometimes I try to learn 3 per day but the number is not important, just try to learn one, at least.
  4. Listen music in that language. If you get use to listen constantly the pronuntiation, you’ll increase yours. I must admit, french is difficult for me so, I don’t distinguish words in the songs already. Is totally a challenge…for me.
  5. Repeat constantly what you learn. Don’t stop to practice. If you finish with a topic, don’t stop with it, learn the next topic but try to come back ocasionally to repeat the others that you had finished. Remember, “Practice makes perfect”.
  6. Use an app. There are too much apps that helps to you to learn a language, some of them have coast meanwhile others are free. Search and find, I guarantee you that you will find any that you like. There are some specialized in a single languages like learn japanese with Tako until the others that have several languages like Duolingo or Memrise.
  7. Have a dictionary of the language. This is when you have an avanced level. This is another tip that my english teacher taught us, she said that you must think in that language so, if you search the translation is fine, but search the definition in the same language that you are learning, is better. Why? Well, you can talk fluent if you think in the same language than if you stop to think the translation of you want to say.
  8. And finally, enjoy it. The best part of learn something is you enjoy to do it. If you see like a duty, maybe you will found it bored or annoying so, just enjoy what you are learning. At least, remember, is your decision.


I’m not a teacher, and I am not have too many experience with languages but I like this topic and I want just transmit my experience to the people, if it works for someone.


Thanks for read!



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