Celebrating the 475 years of the foundation of Guadalajara, Jal., Mexico.

The past February 14th was the 475 aniversary of the foundation of my hometown. There was a special show in the downtown called GDLuz (Luz = light in spanish) that lasted one week.

It was an event around the heart of the city, even the streets was closed to allow people walk along them.

Sadly, I went the last day so, I couldn’t see that ball with lights. I searched on internet the ball just to watch it. I think it have been great to see.

Photo from internet: http://traficozmg.com/espectaculos-luz-guadalajara-gdluz/

I walk along the downtown to watch the ornaments, sculptures and the last things of the event that I could see. These are some photos that I took.



There was a cage bigger than this that left a big bird get out from it. It was another event that I cannot watch. Saddly, I heard about that too late.

This is a short video about the show of the bird. Surely it was awesome to see!

Also, we found a group playing the Guadalajara’s theme. It was great.

#GDLuz (del sábado pasado por la noche cx)

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That was another sculpture made of lights and steel bars.


And this moon was projected on a circle by a big projector.



I’d have like take more photos, but is difficult for me to take them at night, also I’d have like to heard about these events before and go to watch more events.

Anyway, thanks for read!



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