Yesterday I went to watch the event “Open House Spring/Summer 2017” at the tower called “Vía Libertad” and I just want to share a little of what I found.

There are expositions made by art students from different Universities…or at least, that is what I understood. Also, this tower has diferents kinds of spots to leave people enjoy the place. You can find restaurants, fashion stores, a market (small restaurants), art, etc. There are much too see and appreciate.


Open House Diseño de Modas (Fashion Design) was what I see. There was another events the same day but, this one caught my attention.


First, let me introduce you some of the place and the tower.

Let’s start with some stuff made by people from the Tecnológico de Monterrey (an University from my country). There are another designs but I like the most this table.


Just look at that faces…creepy!

After that, we went to this room with art made by Fábrica de Diseño Mexicano a design center where they have courses and workshops for artists.


I love this table in particular. I mean, look at that faces! I smiled when I saw them, I really enjoy them.


We watch this clothes’ designs, I don’t know who made them, but I really like them.


That’s it. There was more rooms with different kind of art and I would like to take more photos but my camera-phone doesn’t work at night very well, so, I decided stop. I hope I could watch more of that exhibitions (and have a better camera).
I really enjoy watching the creativity of people!

Thanks for read!



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