A festival about Japan. And a beautiful date.

The last sunday, my boyfriend and I went to a festival celebrated the May 13th and 14th here in Guadalajara. This were their first edition and let me tell you, it was great for being the first one, good for the organizers! The only problem was the place, they chose a pretty house, I don’t lie, but it was little for the number of people who attended, so, the people must to wait outside until some people leave. I understand that they didn’t expected that quantity of people, and I’m pretty sure that they will have in mind that the next time.

Anyway, I’ll start this with some photos of the festival.


There was an exhibition of bonsais, courtesy of the Club Bonai Guadalajara (I didn’t know that exist one) and I was so impressed, they are awesome!




I don’t now, I just love it.

Of course there was japanese food. My boyfriend ate curry and I ate some onigiris. I wanted taste ramen, but I couldn’t eat more because I’d already eaten in my house before going to the festival (bad idea).


Oh yes! We took a picture with the traditional japanese clothes:  yukatas. I love it!

And with Totoro!

Also, there was some games but we just play “catching fishes”. It was fun!

The balls gave more points but the rice paper broke so, we decide just catch fishes. At japanese festivals, it’s used fishing nets with rice paper too, but they catch real fishes and can be taken to home.

That were our prizes! (That cereal bar tastes pretty good ;D)


There was some events like workshops (origami, kira kira style, cosplay makeup), shows like a presentation of Kendo and Butoh dance (sadly, I didn’t see them), conferences about some topics as japanese tea and japanese inmigration to Mexico and even a karaoke. I just attend a workshop where a guy taught us how to play “Go” and “Shogi”. I don’t take photos of it because I was busy playing, haha! But, there is a picture from each game.

“Go” consists in surround your enemy until one player run out of tokens. The winner is the one who has more territory.
“Shogi” is the japanese chess, a strategy game where the winner is who kill the other king first.

I would like to attend to any conference but I was able to go until the sunday in the afternoon, so, we couldn’t get into any.

It was fun! I’m not a big fan of Japan (my boyfriend does, pretty much) but I like it, and I always find fun in knowing different cultures. I enjoy this festival and I hope they have a second edition, a bigger one!

Thanks for read!



2 thoughts on “Ikigai Festival

    1. Hi!
      I don’t know if there are a kind of connection between Japan and Mexico but I think we have good connections 🙂
      The festival was just because a group of people planned to make a festival about the japanese culture, something that they love…I guess! 😊


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