My inspiration comes from different people.

We all are different and unique. There are people that set bad examples most of the time and there are others that have and makes good things that make you feel proud of them. I’m nobody to judge, but of course I can realize when someone is a great inspiration for people and becomes mine too.

There are some famous people I admire right now. I think there are more but for now, they are the most important for me.

I’ll start with Richard Branson. A millionaire man who has whatever he wants. The man who lost an entire company and is still millionaire.

It’s not the money the reason why I admire him, it’s because the kind of person he is, the way that he grow up professionally and the way he still hold too many companies.


He started his first company reselling CDs. He bought some in English Channel and later, he sold the cds in London using his car as a point of sale or sometimes, using outlets. Years after, he started to use mail and after that, he finally founded a store in Oxford Street, in London. In 1972 he and a friend of him founded Virgin Records, the beggining of an empire.

Today, Virgin Group holds more than 200 companies in more than 30 countries.

Also, his workers says he’s a nice person and of course he cares about the customers. I can relate it because I use Virgin Mobile as my phone operator. Until now, I don’t regret it.  The service is pretty good and I think is because he and his team has a great plan for working conditions which makes happy the worker. Also, they have atractive plans for customers which makes us interested in their merchandise over the competition.

He is a great and intelligent businessman and a nice and modest person. That’s why I admire him.


Elon Musk


For some people, he’s crazy and some don’t like him…but I don’t think that.
He founded Paypal, SolarCity (an american company of solar panels), OpenAI (an american company of artificial intelligence), SpaceX (a company dedicated to make rockets for NASA) and the most famous right now, Tesla. He did all that to make a better world.

I like how he works to combat the climate change, how he worked very hard to have all those companies (even, if some of them don’t belong to him anymore) and how he visualize the world, I mean, he wants to live the “future” now.
As some people says “the future is here”; well, for Elon Musk, the answer for that, or the question, rather, is: “why not?”.

As an engineer, this kind of person inspires me.


Justin Trudeau


If I could, I would live in Canada. It’s a quiet, nice and open-mind country. The only “but” for me is the cold because Mexico, specially the region where I live, it’s snow-free, so, it would be hard for me to familiarize with it.

Anyway, Canada is know as a quiet country because their people are so kind and of course, his first minister, Justin Trudeau is not an exception. In Mexico, many people likes him (me included) because he has many qualities: he is polite, he cares about climate change and supports a multicultural country, gender equity and diversity. Also, he has tattos! Maybe this is a insignificant fact but, tattos has already bad reputation in some places, so, I think he is proving that is nothing to do having a tattoo with your job.

All those qualities and the fact that he is a great ruler, makes me feel being a fan of him.


Stephen Hawking

One of the most intelligent man and one of the most important physicist in the world. Theoretical physicist, astrophysicist, cosmologist and scientific disseminator. Another reason? He is brilliant, I respect and admire him a lot.


According with some biographies, he fell into depression about 2 years after when he was diagnosed of ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis) but with some help, he return to his studies in Cambridge. He has a lot of theories, books, awards and a big curriculum which has been contributed to science and help us to understand better our universe. If I hadn’t chosen my actual career, probably I would have chosen physics…although, I’m not good enough with this kind of topics.


Mark Zuckerberg


Another millionarie businessman. His creation, Facebook, it’s the most important and the most popular social network in the world, we cannot deny it. He’s someone who never stop working in projects to get better his company or his own home. Also, he constantly sets goals bigger and bigger every time. I like that.

He believes in connect the whole world and supports the multicultural countries. He cares about the world problems and try to help better as he can with technology.

Recently he return to school to have his degree even when he doesn’t need it. I felt inspired to finish my own career and have mine too.



The most mexican – american.


She is a youtuber and a great person. One of my favorite videos of her (The first that I watched) talks about how she grow up being bullied because she has a mole into her eye and how she grow up giving explanations about it. She accepted herself and even if sometimes the words of people affected her, she tries to move on and love herself as she was. Then, one day she has a surgery where the doctor take away the mole, but it was just because the mole was already affecting her eye, not another reason. She helps me to feel more comfortable with me and proud of my body as it is.
The second and most recently video was about how she doesn’t feel with a nationality because even if she was born in USA, she lives several times and for a long time in Mexico, so, when she was in Mexico, some people were racist with her. Let me tell you, sadly, Mexico and USA has differences and sometimes mexicans are discriminated in USA and some americans are discriminated in Mexico.

She is a great example that this has to end. Nationality has nothing to do with who you are, so, we should stop racism, accept people wherever they comes. I support multicultural diversity and I think even meet someone with a different nationality is very interesting.

Also, I love how she relate her stories, how she speaks spanish (I was impressed when I realize that she wasn’t mexican) and how she always find the positive of everything.


Pavel Durov

If you are russian or do you have a VK account, maybe you already know him. He is the master mind behind VK (a russian social network and the most popular even more than facebook in Russia) and Telegram. Actually, he is not the owner of VK, but anyway, he found it.


He is pro free software and believe the knowledge is for everyone. He travel around the world since he leaves his natal Russia. Also, he is a modest man who says that he doesn’t likes rich lifestyle because he wasn’t it some years ago and money shouldn’t change something. Yes, he can travel as he wants now, but, he’s still a nice person. The money doesn’t changed him.

Another fact that I love is that he speaks russian (of course), italian, english and read spanish. One of my dreams is being multilingual just like him. Also, he is living what I would wish to: traveling.


Lady Gaga

She is more than a eccentric pop singer, much more.


Besides to have a voice as a gift, she is a philanthropy woman who supports different causes and a lovely person with her fans…with everyone!

She founded a non-profit organization called Born This Way dedicated to create a safe community that helps to connect young people with the skills and opportunities they need to build a kinder and braver world. Also, she supports topics as immigration, the fight against the HIV, victims of sexual assault and LGBT comunnity.

I am a huge fan of her because all that and of course, because her voice, her music, her way of think and her successful career, I mean, she has achieved so much and has several events and products with her image who help her to be better and better.


Marzia Bisognin


A lovely and talented girl. She is so kind and nice person.

Marzia is one of my biggest inspiration because she never stop to have projects. Since to have a clothing line with a collection every season, until write a thriller that actually love it.

Also, I have some inspiration from her because when I finish my career, I want study certifieds about languages. Even if I planned some time ago, she did it first, and this inspired me even more. Actually, she is not studying but not a long time ago, she studied Interior Design online despite to be graduated from “Tourism Expert” (as she translate into the english).

She travel a lot and she speaks 4 languages, something that I love, as I said before. Every time that she share her travel through her videos or her blog, makes me feel to make an effort to travel just like her. She’s totally a rol model for me.

Oh! Also, I remember to be girly thanks to her, hehe.

I don’t know how express myself very well (in english, it’s more complicated for me) so, I hope I have been able to express myself completly.


Thanks for read!


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