Some time ago, my boyfriend asked a friend of him to wrote this to me. I don’t know the  author but I must to say, I love this poem.



Tienes las formas de la mujer que quiero,
tienes los pliegues perfectos en los puntos exactos,
nada te falta y nada tienes fuera de lugar.

así como tú eres me gustas,
incluso en las tardes de domingo,
en esas tardes de domingo que languidecen,
precipitándose al tedio.

me gustan mucho tus manos,
inhábiles en la cocina,
tus manos aprendices
que se saben de memoria
el laberinto de mi cuerpo.

todo lo que hay en ti,
lo que no llevas puesto incluso,
comienza por convencerme siempre:

lo digo por si acaso.



You have the shapes of the woman I want,
you have the perfect folds in exact points,
nothing lack you and you have nothing out of place.

I like you in your way,
even on the sundays’ afternoons,
on those sundays’ afternoons that languish,
rushing to boredom.

I like your hands pretty much,
unqualified in the kitchen,
your traineers hands
that know by heart
the labyrinth of my body.

everything on you,
what you don’t even wear,
starts for always convincing me:

I’m say it just in case.


Feel free to correct me if you see an error on my english grammar, I want better with it.

Thank you!



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