A cultural festival celebrated every year since the last year in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico.

As I said, since the last year, the government of Guadalajara organizes a cultural festival called Sucede (translate into english, happens) search bring people closer to art and culture.

This year, the festival will gather artistic events from Africa, Europe, South America and different points of Mexico. It will have 105 locations, distributed in 7 zones of Guadalajara along 6 weeks.

Festival promotional.
The 7 zones in Guadalajara.

This year the festival was inaugurated by Plasticiens Volants, a french theater company that presents their act Pearl, a show with giant air ballons with shape of fishes and creatures from the sea. I must to say, I love it.

There are some pictures I could take.


My boyfriend as always, go with me ❤










The pearl go out of the octopus and jellyfish returned it to the oyster for the end of the show. For me, the show was so amazing! Also, I read this big ballons were hand-painted, something that amaze me even more.

At the end, there were fireworks and Guadalajara’s song sounded.

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That made me feel more proud of my city.

I checked the agenda and select some acts and workshop that interested me, so, for not forget the events, I wrote it down in my google calendar. I don’t use an agenda, so, I decide to use this app.



It supposed to remembers me with 1 day of anticipation.

I hope assist to any of them, and also, I want to write about them so, I will do it as soon as I can when the date arrives.

Thanks for read!



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