A multidisciplinary proposal that includes dance, experimental live music and puppets & ballet from Sucede.

I wrote a post about the festival Sucede, a cutural and art festival celebrated every year since the past year, in my city.

I want to go to several events but, sadly, my job and school don’t give me enough time to attend some of them. Until now, I went to this 2 shows that I really loved.

First, Memorias del Viento (Wind memories) by Pájaro de Nube (Bird of Cloud, in english); it was a multidisciplinary proposal with dance and puppets on scene. The story was about the enclosure of a bird, its possible escape and eternal sleep.

Later, the dancers on stage manipulate a puppet to which lend their bodies to describe the dawn.







I just could took these photos because my camera was out of batteries and my cellphone was dead.

This show was the thursday 12th, and on saturday, I went to see the ballet by The Ballet of Jalisco, interpreting several dances including Swan Lake.

Again, I don’t have enough photos because my camera has not enough zoom and I was some behind of the stage, so, I took these photos from the facebook page of Culture of Guadalajara.


 A short video:

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The next saturday, I plan to go to 2 plays. I hope, I could have better photos this time!

Thanks for read!



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