Starting this year almost late here on my blog, but, anyway, better latter than never, right? ūüėč

Well, today I want to recommend you some books that I read along my life, until now, and I really enjoyed. Not all in the list are my favorites but already like them a lot. My favorite book right now it’s “Dream House” by Marzia Bisognin, you can read what I wrote about it¬†here.

Ok, let’s start with the list.

1. A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms by George R.R. Martin
If you are a fan of Game of Thrones like me, you must read it. Also if you like fantanstic stories about knights and middle ages, surely, you will like it, too. It’s exciting found how this story connects with the saga “The song of Ice and Fire” and of course, by its own, it’s a very interesting story. This is about Dunk, a¬†knight-errant and his loyal squire nothing fearful, Egg, who pass through several kingdoms, quarrels¬†and tournaments. At the same time, you have information about the great houses of the saga “Song of Ice and Fire”.
Dunk and Egg set out on a journey that will be marked in their lives and also, will change them.




2. Like Water for Chocolate by Laura Esquivel
I am not a big fan of romances, but, I must to say that this one, took a tear from me.
The story is about a girl called Tita, who born in a mexican family in the years when women still dedicated themselves to home and their family. Tita, being the youngest, according to her mother, she would never get marry because she must to stay with her mother to take care about until her death. That was a problem, because Tita had a boyfriend and they had plans to get marry.
The story telling recipes at the beginning of each chapter, as a plus of the book.

If you like romantic dramas, this is for you and if not, you can give it a try as I did, and believe me, I don’t regret it.

Part of the movie. (Yes, there are a movie)



3. Aztec by Gary Gennings
If you like topics about history,¬†especially mexican, you won’t regret to read it.
The story begins with a man,¬†Mixtli, who tells his story since his birth until the conquest of the Aztec Empire,¬†as a request of the King Charles I from Spain who was curious about to know how Aztecs lived before they arrived.¬†Despite the fact that christian scribes felt tortured by hear so many “heresies”, and even the Fray in charge of sending¬†the writings asked to the king to stop this “horror”, the King Charles wanted satisfy his own curiosity,¬†so, the story continued to tell us, through the letters of the scribes, the “pagan” life of Mixtli.
Although it is just a fiction story, there are many things that attached to the reality and relate you how aztecs lived before the conquest. Even, you learn some Náhuatl words (mexica language).
This is one of the books that I like the most.



4. I, Robot by Isaac Asimov
One from one of my favorites authors. “I, Robot”, it’s a book some different from the movie starring by Will Smith, but still connected. Both of them mentioning the dr. Susan Calvin and the Three Laws of Robotics, among other things, but still, not exactly the same.
The books tells you several stories in different times (although, all of the are futurists) where there are mention of robots and, as Asimov imagined them, being our assistants in everything: from nanny, as they narrate in a story, to planetary explorer, accompanying human astronauts.
Altough it is science fiction, Asimov was very visionary and altough what he imagines is not exactly what he believed, some things become true which demonstrate us that our limit is in our imagination.




5. Crime and Punishment by Fiodor Dostoyevski
This book was wrote in third person, changing the narrator in different chapters, depending the part of the story.
This one tells about a man,¬†Rodion Raskolnikov, a young student from the Russian capital who is worried about his family situation and who wants to help. His sister, Dunia, try to help agreeing to get married with a man who could help them¬†giving financial support, but Radion isn’t happy with that because he knows that his sister didn’t do it for love.
This unleashed a series of events that were affecting to the protagonist little by little, and which gets the reader to think about being as judge of morality in the scenarios that the story is showing us. A bit dramatinc and depressing novel, but, in the end, satisfying to read. If you like philosophical topics and classic books, this is one for you.

Crime and Punishment it’s considered a Dostoyevski’s¬†masterpiece and also,¬†definitely, the most known.

(The letters in russian says: “Crime and Punishment”


And well, that’s it. Have you read some of them? Which one? If not, would you read some?

Anyway, I hope you enjoy any of this books and also, this post.


Thanks for read!



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